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Sound Clips


The Tube Sound Fuzz, original from Craig Anderton's book, played with a Strat and recorded with a Marshall Sim on the computer.

    From no distortion to maximum and back to no distortion again.

    This one is still the TSF with a guitar played with a slide, direct to the computer. It is at max distortion all the time. I always liked Warren  Haynes's sound when he plays slide with Gov' Mule. So this was a test clip to see if I could sound the same with the TSF.  (A few notes are off, but I didn't have the time to record a new one...)

=====SUPER NOVA=====

Here is a sound clip I recorded with the Super Nova designed by Jake Nagy. The chords are played with my Aria (humbuckers) in the background, and the same guitar is used for the first half of the clip. Then I switch to my Strat for the other half.

The chords part uses no effect. The solo part begins with the gain at 9:00 on the Super Nova, then at 1:00, and then at max. The same is done with the Strat. Everything also goes through the Marshall Sim. I tried to show how the notes fade depending on the gain setting.

====BOSS AC-2====

Here is a clip I recorded with my Johnson Metal slide guitar... with some slide. (of course)

Only some rhythm I use in a Clapton song I do.

0-3 sec: guitar->preamp->soundcard
3-8 sec: guitar->AC-2 bypassed->soundcard
8-12 sec:guitar->AC-2 standard mode->soundcard
12-end:guitar->AC-2 enhanced mode->soundcard

To my ears, my metal guitar sound more like my wood acoustic guitar played slide when played through the AC-2.

More will come later...